Autism: What Does It Mean to Me? is an indispensable and transformative tool, and lifelong companion for autistic people, their parents and families, and professionals. Written by internationally renowned autism trainer, teacher, and advocate and best-selling author Catherine Faherty, the workbook is engaged by the autistic child or adult to enhance self-understanding and awareness and foster communication with others about needs, preferences, and identity. Most every facet of a person’s life is explored, including areas particular to autism, and areas every person engages with. Among these are: ways of thinking, including focused interests perfection versus doing your best the support of schedules sensory experience, including stimming creative expression learning about and interacting with people writing Social Stories understanding speech and expressions in others types of communication, including verbal or nonverbal self-advocacy and miscommunication supportive structures for school and approaching IEPs friendship, play, online acquaintances and safety emotions, including feeling anxious or upset, depression, and outbursts The book concludes with an extended section on happiness, including relaxation, exercise, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, positive attitude, and making the world a better place. Extensive materials designed especially for older readers, as well as for parents, therapists, and teachers, are included. Understanding what’s actually true and supporting acceptance and appreciation form the cornerstones of Catherine’s approach and the workbook.


Écrit par Catherine Faherty